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We are happy to see that Telco's in Scandinavia are beginning to launch products and services focusing on location insights and mobility analytics. In fact - Maptrends data scientists have been working with some of them to improve the accuracy and level of details.
The only problem is: One Telco will never share data with another Telco. This is why we created Maptrends. The independent alternative.


Maptrends strategy is to be an agile company, quickly adapt to changes and provide insights based on (and open to) different data types and multiple sources. We believe layers of data provided from different type of sources is needed to give a truthful picture. Of course - if we can decode and analyze cell data from mobile phones and their position in a cell network, we will have an unique and large scale input.

Our competence reaches from deep insight into cell networks, local networks, open and private data - to unique presentation of dynamic information that actually give the end-user vital and easy to understand insights.

There is a term in our world for data quality: Shit in - shit out. Everybody understand what that means. Combine poor data quality with the regulations of GDPR and single source data set, you will probably have a problem. How can we trust what we see?

This is why we will need the best competence creating the best algo's and filters taking account of all possible angles. Reference data is vital, and a lot of time is spent on verification of the movement we see in the cell network.

There is also the customer and end-user dimension. Maptrends do not believe "one size fit all". The request is a dynamic tool, representing the user type and topic of interest. Not static reports.

Telco's dilemma

Respectfully, Maptrends understand why the large Telco's want to add value to data they already collect and how investments over time made for expensive infrastructure needs to be justified. In addition, revenue from subscriptions are decreasing and competition from other technologies challenges their business models.

But why invest in expensive competence and development resources when you can cooperate and the best solution may already been invented?

Why make the customer choose or have to buy solutions from all telecompany in the country? Can increased business value be realized today?

The Maptrends platform will be designed as an integration with Telco's data lakes, our frontend can be white labelled and customers can subscribe to any data source for added value.

Maptrends - the value of knowing.

Maptrends vision is linked to the greater and global questions regarding: What is smart in terms of the public's best interest and common good? Can better and complete data monitoring and scenario based insight give the right people tools for better decision making? Can near-real time insight and trends over time help in adjusting and create better solutions for our citizens. Solutions for a more efficient and cleaner, greener environment? Of course.

We need to work together to achieve our long-term goals. Maptrends is open for all type of future thinking solutions and can move fast.

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